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The evening of July 9 Aperipiper made a dedication to smile.

Aperipiper presents its "drink that is good", a time to meet, have fun, but also do something to help people.
The idea of the appointments of Benefit of AperiPiper is mainly based on these simple, but effective, assumptions: you can do something to be proud even if we are having fun . Indeed, just this feeling of being useful, must be one of the main causes of our satisfaction.
Aperipiper is a Aperitivo that combines so many people to meet, dance, enjoy a drink to the rhythm of live music and played by the best DJs of Old Fashion.
Meanwhile (on certain dates), also we meet wonderful people who with their tenacity and desire to try to make our society better.
Thursday, July 9 is the turn of "Association Veronica Sacchi"

Who is the association Veronica Sacchi?

Veronica Sacchi Association (AVS) is a non-profit independent reality that was founded in 2001 with the mission to promote support and train the youth volunteer, using the clown therapy as a means of action.

The proposed AVS wishes to highlight the potential of many young people, who often do not find suitable channels to exploit their resources.

Wearing the clothes of clown doctors, young volunteers live the experience of the encounter with the other than itself and voluntary action becomes an instrument through which to discover themselves and become active citizens in their society.

AVS operates on an ongoing basis and not paid to hospitals, centers for the disabled, nursing homes, prisons, and in all places where the figure of the clown can bring a moment of relief in situations of physical, mental and emotional.

Remembering Veronica:

The December 26, 2000 Veronica Sacchi, a young girl not yet 18, is involved in a serious car accident.

His parents, Ettore and Claudia, decide to turn this difficult time into an action-generating smiles, opening an association dedicated to their daughter Veronica.
To support this dream, a group of friends, who will become the 12 founding members.

It's April 6, 2001 when Veronica Sacchi Association officially comes to life.

The Mission:

Promotion, support and training of youth volunteering.

In these three words encapsulates the mission of AVS, the direction and the goal of every activity promoted by the association.

AVS targets young people because they are the future, the people who really can make changes in the society in which they live. The association also wants to be a place where volunteers can feel that their energy and their enthusiasm are useful and valuable engines of growth and change.

Spread the culture of volunteerism among young people and let them know that their talents are valuable resources for the community. Promote the concept of free action as a tool to take care of their community, encouraging the development of active citizenship.

Often young people have many desires and aspirations, but limited ability to implement them. AVS is committed to reducing the barriers that young people can meet on their journey of aspiring volunteers, offering spaces and possibilities, as well as a valuable economic support.

AVS considers the formative moment a key point to provide a volunteer service competent and satisfactory, for both the giver and for the receiver. Without the tools and the necessary preparation potentially positive and enriching experience can create uneasiness and misunderstandings. For this reason AVS focusing on continuous training of its volunteers, who will accompany them throughout their journey.


Opening h 07.00
Price Aperitivo ( w/ Buffet ): 15 € ( of which € 5 will go to the Association Veronica Sacchi )
Live Music
Live set Dj ( from 10.30 )
Serata ClubHaus ( from 11.00)



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