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Sometimes, during some evenings unfortunately the door is a crowd determined in most cases by the opportunity to access the venue using some promotion as free passes 



Introducing Speedy Entry

In order to improve access to venue we decided to implement a new type of dedicated access to all users of OLDFASHION.IT adopting in fact the type of "fast shipment" of some airlines.

In the future, the buttons for the booking list and list tables that you can still find on the various events of the week will be replaced with the opportunity to buy the pre-sales of tickets reduced or register in nominal lists (for free)

We tested the system for the first time during the New Year's Eve 2015, and subsequently also in the evenings of Friday 2, Saturday 3 and Monday January 5 noting an increase of fluidity at the entrance venue and considering of the results we have decided that we will implement all gradually evenings of the week from mid-February.

How it's work Speedy Entry ?

Example of the window purchase / registration ticket with "Speedy Entry":

esempio Ticket

In any event page you will find a panel like this facsimile which indicated which types of access and service you can select and download directly on your smartphone.
There will indeed receive an email with the corresponding ticket (credit homage / Special price etc etc) which a unique bar code.

At the entrance of the venue the receptionists will only scan the bar code on the phone and deliver the equivalent Ticket  for the access, saving you all the trouble of requiring the reduction, go to the cashier to pay, walk thru the garden of Old Fashion for finally, access to the venue.


Old Fashion Club is a premises in the heart of Parco Sempione, under the tall arcades of the Palazzo dell'Arte in Milan.It is located in downtown city, but it seems in the countryside. Multifunctional premises both in winter and summer.It has a long tradition certified by the recognition of the City of Milan and the Lombardy Region....More Info

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