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Organize a private party sometimes it can be stressful and committed itself more than you can imagine. Buy you need, invite your friends, organize the house,ask for permissions etc etc.condo.

Much better use of facilities already organized as Old Fashion which makes organization of events and entertainment nights its "core business" .

Reserve a table or a dedicated zone is in the first room (Gold) in the second (Black Room) as well as in the Garden (Privee A or B or D) is the only choice that you will have to face ( in addition to invite your guests, of course ! ).

Private Events :

The types of celebrations are many and you can safely shape according to your needs.
Birthday party, graduation,engagement,marriage ,and so on (with dinner or after dinner,or a buffet with refreshments served)are the order of the day at  Old Fashion and secure our many proposals fail to meet your needs.( WARNING:not allowed any banchelor party )

Cakes :

The cake can be ordered locally  or brought by the customer himself,but in this case it is absolutely necessary that it be annexed the indemnity - required by law - in which are indicated by the manufacturer, all ingredients.

The indemnity must be signed and stamped by the manager of  pastry  a facsimile of the indemnity to download and compile) it's a  health - related ASL ( Sanitary Control )to allow you to trace any product has been administered in the club(in  case of simple receipt is not  possible finding the ingredients used for the preparation).
The indemnity is mandatory and its absence creates a denial of introducing the cake( or generic pastries ) in the club.

Contact us :

To request any estimates you can use the inquiry form or call us at +39 - 028056231 to make an appointment with one of our on-site managers.

  1. Tel : +39 - 028056231*
  2. Mail :   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. Fax : +39 - 028057169
  4. WhatsApp : +39 3920118343



Old Fashion Club is a premises in the heart of Parco Sempione, under the tall arcades of the Palazzo dell'Arte in Milan.It is located in downtown city, but it seems in the countryside. Multifunctional premises both in winter and summer.It has a long tradition certified by the recognition of the City of Milan and the Lombardy Region....More Info

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Compliance Cake

This is the direct link to download the standard "Compliance" model that obligatorily follow cakes and pastries produced by third parties for your own party

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