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The Palace of Milan was founded by a grant  to Milan by Eng. Bernocchi who, in 1931 commissioned to Arch. Muzio to build a " Factory "at the entrance of Parco Sempione in Milano.


Muzio, one of the most prolific architects of Italian Futurism , designs and builds the Palace in just two years, aided by  the counseling and creativity of Sironi that draws the Triportico overlooking the park and then completely frescoing the central hall of the palace
the palace is ready to host the Milan Triennial Exhibition,responsible to promoting in Italy and in the world the Italian Design.His first event had taken place in Monza in the late20's,but it is in the Palace that it finds its permanent home until today.The Palace of Muzio is thus divided into three sectors:offices,exhibition grounds, the Loisir in which there are both the restaurant with the concert hall that other spaces for the public.On the terrace is created the dance floor and is given in the management to F.lliBeretta Firm,along with the restaurantSo  In 1933 in the new Palazzo dell'Arte was inaugurated the second Triennale of Milano.
The following years to the inauguration are unfortunately those of the second world war.In 1943, during the german occupation of Italy ,the restaurant of the building is used as a social club for seniorGerman officer sand the terrace finally closed( they replacing a battery of anti-aircraft! ),The dance club acquires the Teutonic name of "Ballhaus" (danceroom in German) and until the end of the conflict is foreclosed to people of Milan who are not supporters of the occupation troops.In 1947 the building returns to life and so is the restaurant that returns to its original name and is divided into two rooms by a huge central fireplace picking up within itself the restaurant and the ballroom with two separate dance floor.From that moment on,that is the dominant structure of what is now known as  Old Fashion .1947 is an important date because it marks the re-opening of the Triennale and the process of normalization of Italian society.




Old Fashion Club is a premises in the heart of Parco Sempione, under the tall arcades of the Palazzo dell'Arte in Milan.It is located in downtown city, but it seems in the countryside. Multifunctional premises both in winter and summer.It has a long tradition certified by the recognition of the City of Milan and the Lombardy Region....More Info

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