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Main Course
Quinoa with sauteed mixed vegetables   € 15,00
Seitan medallions with zucchini  and cream tofu with herbs   € 15,00
Croissants puff pastry with carrots, pumpkin and potatoes   € 15,00
Topinambour and eggplant terrine au gratin   € 15,00
Tempeh plate of edamame soya cream with alfalfa sprouts and mustard   € 15,00
Falafel with tzatziki sauce   € 15,00
Side Dishes
Split baked potatoes   € 5,00
Mixed grilled vegetables   € 5,00 
Mixed salad of the season   € 5,00 
Cup of strawberries to taste   € 8,00 
Sliced Pineapple cinnamon seared baked   € 8,00 


Old Fashion Club is a premises in the heart of Parco Sempione, under the tall arcades of the Palazzo dell'Arte in Milan.It is located in downtown city, but it seems in the countryside. Multifunctional premises both in winter and summer.It has a long tradition certified by the recognition of the City of Milan and the Lombardy Region....More Info

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