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The Palace of Milan was founded by a grant  to Milan by Eng. Bernocchi who, in 1931 commissioned to Arch. Muzio to build a " Factory "at the entrance of Parco Sempione in Milano.

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Organize a private party sometimes it can be stressful and committed itself more than you can imagine. Buy you need, invite your friends, organize the house,ask for permissions etc etc.condo.

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#Speedy Entry

Sometimes, during some evenings unfortunately the door is a crowd determined in most cases by the opportunity to access the venue using some promotion as free passes 

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Buy your tickets with the special promo Online :

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 Every night is different at Old Fashion. Music, entertainment and public and because we want assure to everyone a chance to join us , we have split the nights also by their cost and not only for the offer.

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Welcome to the FAQ section. We're trying to collect the answers to the most frequently asked questions ( F.A.Q.).Hopingthat they canhelp you.If you can't find the answer , please contact us.

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Old Fashion Club is a premises in the heart of Parco Sempione, under the tall arcades of the Palazzo dell'Arte in Milan.It is located in downtown city, but it seems in the countryside. Multifunctional premises both in winter and summer.It has a long tradition certified by the recognition of the City of Milan and the Lombardy Region....More Info

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Compliance Cake

This is the direct link to download the standard "Compliance" model that obligatorily follow cakes and pastries produced by third parties for your own party

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Milano Notte is your guide for nightlife in town!